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Introducing Verzell Lez’on

2016 has already proved to be the year of making moves. I am delighted to say that Detroit’s own Verzell Lez’on has dropped his first official single, “Love is Like A Drug”. I had the pleasure of meeting Verzell back in college where we sung together in the choir. I remember witnessing Verzell being surrounded by huge crowds as he sang and played the grand piano in the Student Center at his leisure. Always a superstar and always humble. Verzell Lez’on’s smooth soulful style offers listeners an enjoyable easy listening experience.  Not only is Verzell a dope artist, but he is also an entrepreneur, owning his own T-shirt design and printing business in Belleville, Michigan.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you VERZELL LEZ’ON.


“Born and raised in the Soul music Mecca, that is Detroit, VERZELL (born Verzell Page Jr.) Found his passion and purpose early on, and very close to home. “My biggest influence is my Great Grandmother, Tarrie Lee, who introduced me to music as a toddler; teaching me how to play piano which eventually led me to playing for church.” Speaking on his musical beginnings. A beginning that would take him on his life’s journey and justification. He would go on to hone his found gift to fruition in his defined life’s purpose. “I’ve been an artist since the age of 18. I decided to do music because it was the only thing that I’m passionate about.” (Courtesy of

Verzell Lez’on ‘s new video for his single, “Love is Like A Drug” premiered this week on Vevo. You can buy the single on iTunes and Google Play. Click the link below to check it out!

Verzell Lez’on- Love is Like A Drug

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