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Seven Reasons To Love Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter has been busy at work on the promotional train for her brand new album, Girl Disrupted. Releasing four spanking new songs, each with their very own unique visually stimulating video, Sevyn is in full preparation for music domination. While we are gearing up for the release of her new album and her Girl Disrupted Tour, let’s review seven of the many reasons why we are Saving All Our Love for Sevyn Streeter!

  1. Sevyn is not afraid to show  vulnerability in her music. With songs such as B.A.N.S, Just Being Honest and  Next, Sevyn lets us into issues and emotions that are not always uplifting and pretty. Making her easy to relate to.
  2. She can dance her ass off! Not only is she a strong singer, she also has the moves that makes her videos and her live shows entertaining and exciting.
  3. Sevyn is Chocolate and proud. In a society were skin color can sadly make or break you, Sevyn flaunts her melanin with grace and strength. Admitting in an interview that she is very aware that her skin color has probably held her back from achieving certain successes, she wouldn’t trade her skin complexion in for anything.
  4. Quitting is not in her DNA. After being a part of two girl groups that folded, Sevyn dusted herself off and continued to grind until she got to where she is today!
  5. Sevyn never forgets her roots. Sevyn constantly shares pictures of her family on Instagram and Twitter, even writing a song about her upbringing entitled, 4th Street. FYI, Sevyn’s grandmother always has a plate of fried chicken and biscuits waiting for her when she comes home.
  6. She writes her own music! Ever feel like Sevyn Streeter’s songs sound a little personal? That is because they are! Sevyn writes her own songs from personal experiences. It is always good to know that an artist can relate to whatever they are singing about.
  7. You can hear a Sevyn Streeter song on the radio, even when she isn’t singing it. Sevyn has written songs for many artist including Chris Brown, Tamar Braxton, Usher, Brandy and Trey Songs. In 2013, Ariana Grande’s single The Way, written by no other than Sevyn Streeter,  peaked inside the Top Ten of the Billboard Hot 100.


For more on Sevyn Streeter please visit her website at and check out her Girl Disrupted Tour starting in January 2017.

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