LeToya Luckett is “Back 2 Life”

“I love you even though you ain’t good for me”

Imagine being in a relationship that is not good nor healthy for you. Imagine feeling like you could not live without the other person so you put up with the mean and cruel things that they say to you or do behind your back. Imagine living in a world where the bad outweighs the good but the good has a lasting impression on you. This is the world that singer LeToya Luckett has painted ever so vividly in her new song, “Back 2 Life”.

LeToya takes you on an emotional journey in this mid tempo production that is perfect for the “in your feelings” type genre. Very dramatic with heavy bass, LeToya forces you to deal with some past hurts whether you like it or not. She is able to play around vocally for the song fits perfectly in her range. Singing in her lower and higher registers. Using the what I like to call, “run on singing” that Drake and Bryson Tiller have made famous, she is capturing the trend of the time but with her own unique twist.

Back 2 Life is not what you would think of a proper come back single. It is not a radio ready song (Unless its late night on the Quite Storm). Even though it is a well produced song, it does not have that extra “umph” needed to take it to the top of the charts. However, today’s artist are slowly backing away from chasing hits. Many artist are not concerned about radio play and chart positions but rather creating bodies of work that can stand the test of time. This could definitely be LeToya Luckett’s game plan. Allowing herself to be artistically free while hopefully gaining buzz in the process.

“I use to think it was me but it was your own insecurities”

As much as this is a heart break song, it is more of an empowerment anthem. For the meaning of “Back 2 Life” is truly waking up. Leaving the baggage of a relationship behind and doing what is best for you. Reminding yourself that the relationship was more of a fantasy and not the real world. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful come back to the music industry for LeToya Luckett. We will definitely be waiting for what’s next.


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