Lloyd Honestly ‘TRU’

Some artist turn to reality TV to give fans a first hand experience to everything that is going on in their lives. While other artist use social media to give a play by play of important events that are taking place in their careers. While these are great avenues of self expression, there are still artist who choose to share their reality through their music. Recently, singer Lloyd dropped his highly anticipated EP “TRU”, that features rappers Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and 2 Chains.

The EP opens up with the title track.  It begins with a monologue where Lloyd explains the effects of his “rock bottom” over an acoustic guitar. He closes his monologue by saying, “Here’s my story”. You are then swept away to the pages of his personal journal where he describes all of his hurt and pains and what he has been up to these last couple of years. TRU is  very honest, personal and vulnerable and it lets you know that Lloyd is in fact HUMAN.

Next we get into the second track, Heavenly Body featuring Rick Ross. Even though this song isn’t as personal as the previous, Lloyd still keeps the theme of honesty as he describes the emotions he feels when he sees his girl’s naked “heavenly body”.

“I almost died last night when you took off your clothes. My heart just stopped”

If this song isn’t already playing on the radio, it needs to be ASAP! It is perfect for urban radio and I’m sure it will give Lloyd a sure boost up the charts.

1480309341_49ddbc46757c857d01aec3f1ec205c38Lil Wayne hops on the third track and latest single, Holding. A smooth urban Bonnie and Clyde type love story. Something that we’ve all heard before. He loves her because she’s a ride or die type chick. She looks after his weed and he protects her with his shotgun. That kind of ghetto love that the streets will always appreciate.

Fourth on the EP is the 90s west coast groove Excited. A tale of that fiery passion and chemistry between two people that cannot be contained.

“You can bounce back, roll on it. Ride on it baby, the way I like it”.

Very easy to understand why he is excited.

The fifth and final track is the remix to the title track TRU. This time 2 Chains gets personal and shares his stories of his past struggles.

Overall TRU is a pretty solid EP. Just maybe needed at least one more song with the same personal open honesty as the title track.






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