Fantasia releases When I Met You video

“When I met you…I met me too”

Fantasia is back with a brand new video for her new single, When I met You, pulled from her recent album, The Definition Of…. Released on January 27, 2017, the video features her real life daughter Zion in a coming of age story based on puppy love, betrayal and marital bliss.

The visual begins with a blast to the 90s as a young Fantasia (Played by daughter Zion) sits on the edge of her bed in a bedroom that is full of 90s nostalgia. Posters of SWV, Tupac, Whitney Houston, and Ice Cube wallpaper the bedroom walls. Young Fantasia flips through her year book and she lables one boy as a “boyfriend” and another boy as a “bestfriend”. She lip syncs to the lyrics while she and two friends enjoy laughter, conversation and a good pillow fight. Fast forward to a class room setting where young Fantasia (Now rocking poetic justice braids) mingles with her classmates, including the “bestfriend” who Fantasia must have put in the friend zone as she pushes him aside. Mr. Friend Zone sadly watches Fantasia spend time after class with her current love interest, the “boyfriend”.

Young Fantasia then morphs into real life Fantasia as she is now in college (I am assuming) as she shows a little PDA with her love interest in the library. Mr. Friend Zone has grown as well while he once again sadly watches the love scene take place. After the love interest begins to get a little too close to another woman, Fantasia confronts him and breaks of the relationship in the process. We then see the ex love interest being scratched out of her year book, making room for Mr. Friend Zone to escape from the dreadful zone that he has suffered in the majority of his life.

The video ends with Fantasia exchanging wedding vows with real life husband Kendall Taylor. And yes you guessed it! Kendall Taylor is indeed Mr. Ex Friend Zone.

A pretty solid video. The Audience will be captured by the fairy tale love story that has always been admired and relatable. However, the song itself has a deeper meaning from which the video portrays. The Fantasia camp could have dug a little deeper with conveying the message of one’s life being saved by love.  All in all, this is a  very good look for Fantasia and a step in the right direction.

Check it out below.


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