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The POWER of Chuck Suddz


Breaking Point: The Point at which physical, emotional and mental strength gives way under stress.

Everyday we are bombarded with headlines, news flashes and Facebook post that constantly remind us of the hurtful world that we live in. Right now, this generation is experiencing its share of social inequalities, racial injustices and political tension that one can easily become overwhelmed. With all of these issues, the everyday regular working man can sometimes be overlooked. How does he fit into all of this and how can his voice be heard?

Chuck Suddz is an up in coming rapper from Michigan that is making sure that his voice is effectively being heard loudly and boldly. His brand new single, “Power (Na Na Na)” raises issues that are happening in the inner city communities but also America at large. Rapping over a classic 1990s Hip Hop beat, Suddz passionately speaks of the importance of self reflection and responsibility. He makes it known that people must want better for themselves, work hard and strive to create better lives for their families. Power’s hard hitting and honest lyrics forces the audience to self reflect and more importantly, to become more aware of social issues that affect their communities.

The chorus features singer AJ Official. He pleads in desperation looking for answers.

“Oh Lord, what are we going to do? All my people steady dying, I ain’t got a clue”.

AJ’s intensity matches perfectly with the drive of Chuck Suddz as he answers his own questions by simply saying, “We need POWER”.

Listen to Power (NA NA Na) on YouTube and Sound Cloud now!

Chuck Suddz ft AJ Official Power (Na Na Na)



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