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Ramsey Hayes “Cut Loose Tonight” video

Born in Pasadena California, the music industry seemed to have always been a part of Ramsey Hayes‘ life. After being a member of a music group in 2010, Hayes decided to take a different route and peruse an athletic career by playing football during his freshman year in college. However, music was still calling his name as he decided to transfer to Columbia College in Chicago to study music business. It was there where he started to write and produce music. Through a series of connections, Hayes moved to Memphis where he began to peruse his music career full time.


Ramsey Hayes has released his new single and accompanied video entitled, “Cut Loose Tonight“. The sound; alternative rock, classic Hip Hop, garage music and today’s Rap all fused into one sonically cohesive feel. Cut Loose Tonight is definitely driving in a lane of it’s own for it does not borrow from popular trends today. It rather forces passengers to hop on and enjoy a new ride.

“I just wanna see us cut loose tonight. Forget about the ride and I feel alright. I’ll be on my side while you vibe tonight. Switching lanes doing my own thing tonight”

The video is stacked with layers and layers of creative visuals that are very entertaining to the eye. Shot in the style of a 90’s independent film, Ramsey Hayes plays with multiple filters, camera angles and camera tricks (Reminiscent of the 1970’s psychedelic era) that makes the video even more interesting. The video is centered around Hayes getting ready for a night out on the town. We watch as he dances around the house, irons his clothes and hypes himself up for the up coming events. All the while rapping the lyrics to the song.  It also includes a private bathtub scene.

Ramsey Hayes is coming through with his own style and swag and is definitely an artist to pay attention to.

Make sure to follow Ramsey Hayes on Instagram:@Ramsey_Hayes


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