Kehlani -Sweet Sexy Savage

The new album by Atlantic Records recording artist Kehlani lives up to it’s title. Sweet Sexy Savage perfectly describes the three characteristics of not only the album, but Kehlani herself as well. What could be a small tribute to TLC’s monster album Crazy Sexy Cool, Kehlani explores different emotional elements that range from falling in love for the first time (Not Used To It Track 8) to out right doing someone dirty (Do U Dirty Track 11).

The project seems very natural. Not overly sexy, raw or overly edgy. You get the sense that Kehlani is sharing her honest truth with this album. She expresses a type of vulnerability that young urban girls can relate to. At the young age of 21, it is clear that Kehlani has already experienced a lot in her short lifetime. With the theme of womanhood throughout the album, Kehlani unwraps the truth of what it is like to be a woman. All the while delivering the lyrics confidently and boldly.


The songs on this album are not overshadowed by mass studio production and overly aggressive beats. There is a great balance between singer and machine here. Staying in her comfortable vocal range, Kehlani delivers sweet melodic melodies that are sometimes accompanied by gritty street wise lyrics. Making the bridge between Hip Hop and R&B. As Kehlani continues to grow, we will more than likely see a wider range of subject matter and versatility in her music. Overall, Sweet Sexy Savage is a pretty solid album for a debut. The time and hard work in creating this project shows.

Make sure to pick up a copy of Kehlani’s Sweet Sexy Savage album and stream it on all streaming services!

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