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Mike Sandusky Releases New EP- “Not On The Radio”

With the popularity of new genres such as “Trap & B” and “Mumble Rap”, there is still a high demand of the sweet sounds of pure R&B music. Singer Mike Sandusky is on the path of fulfilling that demand. Born in Romulus Michigan, Mike was introduced to soul music at an early age. Exposed to the likes of The Temptations and Stevie Wonder, he was destined to bring soulful sounds to the masses.

On January 13, 2017 Mike Sandusky released his first six track EP entitled, Not On The Radio.

Read a track by track review below.


Track 1: Perfect Imperfections


Perfect Imperfections speaks of the desire to want to know and to understand the complexities of your mate. Opening with the soft melodies of a piano, Mike showcases quick but powerful harmonies that sets the tone for what is to come. Mike establishes trust as he reassures his lover to let their walls down and to become more vulnerable with him.

“Don’t make this hard for me, I just really wanna know  what sets you off. And I wanna know what gets you off… Give me all of you…”.

A smooth ballad where the beat plays background to the actual vocals.


Track 2: Are You There

The music creates an “airy” vibe as you feel like you are slowly free falling in mid air. A more personal record, Mike lets the audience in on some of his insecurities as he lets it be known that he does not have all of the answers. He asks for a listening ear as he lists some of his personal struggles and feelings. A track that everyone can relate to as it creates many “I’ve been there too” moments. The track almost gives a nod to Michael Jackson’s Stranger in Moscow.


Track 3: Come Thru

Mike Sandusky speeds it up a little with the third track Come Thru. The track has that “feel good” feeling as it makes you want to break out in a step. The song revolves around what could possible be a Netflix and Chill or out right booty call with his “undercover late night lover”.  Mike confidently instructs the undercover lover to stop their plans, tells them what to say to their boyfriend and when to meet up with him.



Track 4: Too Late

One of the highlights of the EP. Too Late describes a relationship that has run its course as Mike makes it known that there is no chance of any reconciliation. Very smooth and mellow, Mike delivers the perfect break up anthem with radio ready beats.

“It’s too late for kissing I’m not listening, I don’t want you no more”

Track 5: A Beautiful Song:

A Beautiful Song is a track about love and companionship. This song gives the EP a different sound for it is has sort of a early 1970s hippie vibe. The lyrics speak of wanting to become totally involved and immersed with the one you love. Letting them know they you will be there for them in any circumstance. The song really lives up to it’s title, giving the listener beautiful melodies, lyrics and instrumentation. It has a “fresh” sound that takes the listener on a musical journey. Definitely gives you a taste of what love would sound like.


Track 6: Beat Goes On

The last track on the EP, Beat Goes On is a socially conscious driven record that speaks to the issues of the world today. A very good groove, it instructs the listener to keep moving forward even in our current conditions.  It’s neo soul – hip hop sound makes you feel empowered and ready to face the unknown. This is one of the songs that will go over very well in a live setting.




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