Jidenna – Bambi

Jidenna is gearing up for the February 17th release of his debut album, The Chief and has dropped a promotional single in celebration. Bambi is a 1950’s doo woop tune mixed with Jidenna’s Nigerian roots and added 808s. The new song sees Jidenna singing to the love of his life as he declares the feelings that he has always had for her. A romantic type of song that is definitely missing from the radio right now.

“To run the jungle, I must be a lion, or be a cheetah, but neither is fine / Don’t want to hurt my dear love of my life / Bambi, Bambi / My dear, my dear, my dear.”

With Jidenna using the style of rap singing such in hist first hit song Classic Man, Bambi sees Jidenna bringing his singing voice to the forefront. This can really be heard in his adlibs towards the end of the song.

At one point,  Jidenna makes it known that his dear Bambi is getting married to another man. He assures that he will run down the aisle during the wedding to declare his love for her once more. A scene straight out of a romantic drama film.

Listen to Bambi now!

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