Meet Jidenna at the ‘Let Out’ – Jidenna releases brand new video

“Everytime I pull up at the let out it’s a spectacle”

Everyone knows that the let out (or sometimes called fall out) after the club can be the most exciting and enjoyable moment of the night. The let out can lead to a huge party in the parking lot. Night caps are sealed, outfits are admired and even a little bit of drama can pop off.

“Yeah I’m running late so just meet me at the let out. Y’all tryna get in but I’m tryna get out”

Jidenna has just released his brand new video for his single, ‘The Let Out’. The video shows Jidenna and his friends at home with family eating and talking while they wait for the club to close. Once it’s time, they all pile in the car and scurry over to the club just as people are making their exit. This is where the fun begins. Pulled from his up and coming album, ‘The Chief’ which drops February 17th, the song shows Jidenna’s versatility as he explores different genres.

Watch the video here!


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