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Moonlight wins Best Picture and it is Well Deserved!

Congratulations to the cast and team of Moonlight for wining the top award at the Oscars, Best Picture!  Certainly a monumental feat. What can be said about a film that pulled at every emotional string known and unknown to man? Moonlight was honest, unapologetic and true. It did not over explain itself so certain audience members could comprehend, but rather it threw the audience in and forced them to live in an unfamiliar world. Stereotypes where NOT played out in this movie. Real characters with real backstories were brought to the forefront. Showing that the people whom society would deem “bad” actually has layers and purpose. For example, Juan was a drug dealer but he ended up being the best thing to happen to little Chiron. He became a father figure to him.


Even though the main character was gay, Moonlight was not your typical gay movie. It did not focus on the hyper sexuality of gay black men that is ever so played out in mainstream gay movies. It was not about Chiron looking for love in a homophobic world. This movie told the story of a boy using the little tools that he was given to become a man. This is a movie about vulnerability and longing to be understood. Moonlight is about community and taking care of one another.  The fact that he was gay did not matter because it did not matter to Chiron. Chiron just wanted to feel accepted, loved and understood. This is shown at the end of the movie.

While many viewers wanted Chiron and Kevin to tare each other’s clothes off, we saw the two characters sitting on the edge of the bed embracing until the movie cuts off. This powerful scene shows that emotional stability is more important than sex. The reassurance that someone has your back and is covering you in love.

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What’s great about Moonlight is that the best parts of the movie are the unspoken dialogues . Every actor that played Chiron did a tremendous job with portraying what the character was thinking and how they were feeling without even speaking a word. You were able to follow along by the facial expressions and emotions that leaped from the pores of the actors. This definitely gave the film that type of drama that is not seen in other films.

Once again, to the cast and team, congratulations for your achievements. You deserve it all and we are all very proud of you!


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