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Nephrateri Takes Center Stage in “Too Much”

Bold, beautiful, dedicated and resilient are just a few words to describe this soulful songstress. Growing up in a small city in Michigan, at an early age Nephrateri set her sights on supper stardom. Working as a background singer, dancer and writer, she would eventually join a team called the A-Game Writers. This team collectively was hired to write and produce music for the mega hit Fox TV show Empire. Now Nephrateri is stepping back into the center stage with her very own music.

“Is it too much to hold hands.  Is it too much, make me feel like a woman…”

Nephrateri has released a brand new single entitled, “Too Much”. The song tells the story of a woman desiring and expecting simple things from her mate including love, attention and affection. However, her mate gives off the impression that she is expecting way too much of him. The common everyday struggle between lovers who have been in a long standing relationship.

“You think I’m doing way too much, calling you on the phone too much. You think I’m crowding you too much. I don’t think I’m asking for too much”


This song is definitely for the ladies. Nephrateri’s lyrics makes it easier for women to relate to the message as she speaks from an honest place. Not afraid to call out the sexism in relationships, she sings about giving her all to her man but not getting the same in return. She declares her frustration with her man who has become too comfortable in the relationship. Fighting her inner insecurities, she questions her role in the problematic situation. Asking herself if things are in fact her fault. Something that everyone has experienced in any kind of relationship.

Nephrateri not only writes great lyrics but she is a very strong singer .She gives you that soulful R&B that connects with the heart mind and spirit.

Nephrateri’s Too Much can be streamed on all digital outlets! 

Download it on iTunes here!

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