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Tinashe – From Underrated to Flaming Hot

The “hungry” stage of a fairly new artist usually brings forth their best work. If you are one of those people who have been sleeping on pop R&B singer Tinashe, it is surly time for an awakening. With her energetic and highly skilled dance moves to her perfectly self written music, it is definitely time for Tinashe to move out of the “underrated” valley that she has been stuck in and soar to the heights of supper stardom that she was born for.

With so much talent packed inside such a small frame, it would be a shame to let it all go to waste. As Tinashe continues to push out new material, her fans have started to question why she hasn’t hit it big yet. Her music is surely Top 10 ready. Her music videos showcase a performer who gives 110% to her craft. Her live concerts are not just thrown together but are highly calculated and rehearsed.  Her readiness to keep striving for the top shows that she is the type of entertainer that is preparing for longevity. In short, Tinashe is ready, she is just waiting for everyone to catch up.

As of lately, Tinashe has been upping the sexy in her music videos and promotional images. This is a tactic that she doesn’t necessarily need to do. We all know that sex sells but sometimes it can be over done. Tinashe’s team needs to cut back on the sex persona and focus on her actual talent.

Tinashe has recently released a brand new single FLAME and it is in fact a hot one. The song shows Tinashe yearning for her lover to show her that he still has feelings for her. She sings about wanting him to love her after she has hurt him. Great pop record with a good danceable drive. With the right promotion and attention, the track should easily be able to burn up the charts. Hopefully this will be the record that will propel Tinashe’s career into new heights.

Make sure to stream FLAME and Tinashe’s latest project NIGHTRIDE on all digital musical outlets.

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