Chris Brown Gets Intimate with “Privacy”

Ladies, ever wonder what a night cap with Chris Brown would be like? Well you don’t have to wonder anymore. Chris Brown’s new single off his soon to be released album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon makes sure all questions and inquires are put to rest and leaves little to the imagination. Privacy is a highly sexually explicit record with lyrics that cannot be played in the work place.

“Why your pussy so damn good, miss lady?

Go and put that booty up, baby, one on one…”

The mid tempo dance track describes Chris Brown’s desires to take a girl home after a long night. He can no longer take the flirting and teasing anymore. He is passionately longing for some privacy with the girl.

“I need your body in ways
That you don’t understand, but I’m losing my patience
‘Cause we’ve been going over and over again
Girl, I just wanna take you home and get right to it”

The song’s third verse is the climax of the song as it finds Chris taking it all home in a rap. The rap is the most explicit part of the song. (By the way, can we talk about how good of a rapper Chris Brown is)?

“Put that ass up in the air, I’m lovin’ how that pussy taste
Damn, on your side, on your side
Stop runnin’ from this dick, I ain’t ’bout to let you slide this time”

As Chris Brown stated on Instagram, the new song and album is dedicated  to the ladies. If Privacy is anything to show for it, we can expect a more sexually mature side of Chris Brown. Even more than what we have seen in the past.

With this sexually provocative single, it would still be nice to see Chris tone it down just a little with this new album. Fans should be able to see a different side from Chris Brown that has never been seen before. Chris has stayed in his comfortable lane of highly hip hop influenced songs about partying, drinking, smoking and having sex. It would be good to witness a softer side to Chris Brown that could “up” his artistry. Privacy is indeed a good record, but it something that his audience has visited before.

Make sure to purchase Privacy on iTunes and stream it on all digital musical outlets!

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