Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj Deliver in “Make Love” Video

Gucci Mane and Nicki Minaj have now released a visual to Make Love, the song that triggered the diss track that was heard around the world, Remy Ma’s Shehter.

The video is very simple but the colors and high quality makes it visually appeasing. Gucci is shown exiting an airplane with a very sexy girl, hopping in a car and driving to a huge mansion where he is surrounded by an army of girls in bathing suits. Not too far away from the classic hip hop video script.

Even though Make Love is Gucci Mane’s song, the real treat is of course Nicki Minaj. However, not to be overshadowed, the video director made sure to sprinkle clips of Gucci dancing throughout Nicki’s scene. Nicki (Who looks absolutely amazing) wearing black leather laced thigh high boots, a sexy bathing suit and black sunglasses, bounces up and down on a inflatable unicorn pool tool (That is actually not in a pool but on the grass). Here is where Nicki delivers the verse that was the last straw for Remy Ma.

Make love is a great party record. It delivers a great beat and memorable catch phrases from both Gucci and Nicki. As stated earlier, with this being Gucci Mane’s song, it would have been nice to hear another verse from him. Nicki Minaj’s verse seems to be longer than Gucci’s verse. Which is why the director did a wonderful job of showcasing both acts in the video.

Check it out for yourself below!


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