“After Hours” with Mack Wilds

Mack Wilds is super busy these days. Starring in two hit TV shows, VH1’s The Breaks and Shots Fired on Fox. As we have found out, Wilds is not just an actor but a singer as well. He released his Grammy nominated debut album, New York: A Love Story in 2013. Now he is back with his sophomore effort entitled, After Hours.

As his first album was heavily influenced and inspired by 80’s and 90’s hip hop, After Hours showcases a more sensual and sexy side of Mack Wilds. Wilds proves in the 12 track project that he is indeed a grown man. A recurring theme of “stealing someone else’s girl” or “stepping outside of a relationship” plays throughout the album.

Here is a break down of a few tracks pulled from the album.

Bonnie & Clyde ft. Wale (Track 2) is the tale of two ex lovers who are still connected by the memories of their past romance. Even though both parties have moved on into different relationships, the two continue to see each other in moments full of lust and passion. Bonnie and Clyde takes the phrase “ride or die” to the next level as Mack makes it known that he and his ex will always see each other, not matter the circumstance. The track contains a heavy sample from the song “A Quiet Place” from the gospel group Take 6.

Senses ft. Tink (Track 4) puts you in the mood of a late night rendezvous. Wanting to awaken all five senses during intimacy. Tink sings the chorus as she describes what she expects to happen during the love making session.

I wanna touch, taste, smell
Hear you scream

A record that is sure to be a fan favorite and maybe even the most requested. Tink’s seductive vocals really gives the track a great boost of sex appeal.

Explore (Track 10) is a heartfelt ballad about losing the one that you love. In the song, Mack admits to all of his mistakes and realizes that he is the one that pushed his girl away. Now he wants her back more than ever but it is too late to reach out to her. She has decided to “explore” or move on.

“But she don’t wanna hurt no more
Said she wanna go, explore”

After Hours is definitely a coming of age album as Mack explores more provocative territories than his first project. Even though several tracks share the same subject matter, the album’s smooth R&B vibes and slick lyrics makes up for it.

Mack Wilds’ After Hours is available everywhere! Be sure to purchase and stream on all music digital outlets.

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