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Letoya Luckett Shines In “Used To” – Part Two in Visual Series.

Letoya Luckett is HOT! HOT! HOT! The triple threat and all around entertainer is taking her creativity and pouring it all into her latest project. Letoya has a brand new agenda that is surely going to take music videos to the next level.

Used To” is Letoya’s latest installment to her short film and visual series Back 2 Life. In continuation of Part One, the 10 minute video depicts Letoya running into her now ex that she has been trying to avoid. The first scene shows Letoya on a blind date letoya-luckett-used-to-1492447409that does not seem to be going over well. While her date is talking (About himself), her ex Omar calls her on the phone. Letoya questions rather she should answer or ignore, eventually choosing the latter. Unfortunately, Letoya cannot avoid Omar long for she runs into him twice in public settings. The drama unfolds from there.

Letoya Luckett showcases her acting skills as well as her vocal talents in the dramatic piece. The story line is so superb that audiences will forget that they are actually watching a music video. A work with this amount of great quality must not be slept on. Letoya has definitely been inspired by the music video king, Michael Jackson, as she takes a song and creates an entire action packed world revolving around that one record.

letoya-luckett-used-toTaking her career into her own hands, Letoya is boldly stepping back into the music industry. We have not received a studio album from her since 2009’s “Lady Love”. She has rather been in the world of acting, staring in several TV Shows and movies. With all of her success, she has left the “Ex Destiny’s Child Member” stigma in the past. Now walking in her very own accomplished career.

Back 2 Life and Used To are both solid records that shows Letoya’s growth as an artist. She is more fearless now and it shows in her music as well as her personal style. The album Back 2 Life will be released on May 12, 2017 and is available for pre order on iTunes now!

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