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Mystur Love – Soulfully “Addicted”

“Thirsty for you baby, pour me a glass of you.

Hungry for your taste, oh baby feed me”

Mystur Love is all talent and no gimmick. His effortless smooth and sultry sound captivates the young and old, leaving them in a vocal trance. His range is like no other, his tone is pure and his delivery is mesmerizing. The Michigan native has been singing all of his life, contributing vocals on many projects and recently even shared a stage with the legendary Patti Labelle. Now Mystur Love is ready to show the world exactly what he was made to do.

Addicted is the debut single by Mystur Love and features rapper Tony Ray. The sensual mid tempo track describes the feeling that one gets when they are totally infatuated with the very essence of someone. Craving their attention and constantly thinking about them. The perfect “your love is my drug” type record for R&B lovers.

“I need you, I’m feening for you baby”

His staked harmonies matched with the mellow instrumentation gives the song a delightfully haunting cool and laid back vibe. Definitely a song made for the late night. The track takes on it’s own personality as it doesn’t sound like anything on mainstream radio. First released as a 30 second sneak peak, the track was met with favorable reviews.

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