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James Barmore – “Cherry Bomb”

“I took the case that blocked my heart and threw it away”

Sometimes it takes someone new to unlock the secrete joys and passions that are hidden inside of you. In some cases, past hurts can deter one from being receptive of anything new. The experience of pure happiness triggers a sensational feeling of freedom, making way for positive vibes and outcomes.

Cherry Bomb by singer James Barmore is an empowerment song that encourages the listener to come out of any negative funk that they are currently facing. The upbeat acapella record shares the message of letting go and learning how to receive love once again.

“You surround me, unlocked the passion inside”

InRage Entertainment artist James Barmore is a Michigan native but currently resides in California. His background in singing, theater and dance makes him a triple threat. Striving to be as transparent as possible, Barmore melodically expresses personal struggles and triumphs in his music.

Shot guerrilla style in several different LA locations, the music video shows Barmore and his parade of dancers spreading joy throughout the city to unsuspecting pedestrians. The video even features choreography by Barmore himself. Check out the visual now!

James Barmore on Social Media:

Twitter: @JamesBarmore



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