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Letter From The Creator

Hello to all of my friends. Before I get started, I want to thank all of my loyal and new followers for your continued support of SouloMind. I started a personal blog a year ago just out of a way to express myself and to introduce a different side of me to my friends and family. However, I have always been into music. I have always been interested in the ends and outs of the entertainment industry.

As a child, my biggest concern was finding out which pop star was performing on TRL after school 🙂 . So transitioning my blog into a music blog was effortless. People seem to be enjoying the transition and I have picked up many new followers along the way.

Secondly, I want to thank all of you for supporting my YouTube channel as well! SouloMind TV is a lot of fun to create. The videos are only going to get better for I am investing in new things that will make the quality of the videos greater. This is includes lighting, new camera and eventually, new editing tools. I want to make my videos the best that they can be. In order to make that happen, I must invest in myself. If you have not subscribed to SouloMind on YouTube yet… what are you waiting for!?

Ok, so what has been going on in my life? In my field of work aka my day job, I am blessed to meet so many people who are involved in the entertainment industry. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the legendary Smokey Robinson. Yes Smokey Robinson! This man is considered to be one of the best songwriters in history. He has been working in the music industry for over 50 years! Can you imagine doing something that you legit love to do for 50 years?

Smokey gave me a hug at our introduction, already giving me the idea of how down to earth he is. He freely shared funny yet intriguing stories about his Motown days. “Diana Ross sat at this desk and worked before she was signed” and “We played basketball all the time, all of us”. He treated everyone in the room with equal respect and took as many pictures as desired. Humble. It was like being in the presence of a family member but a family member who holds greatness inside of them.

What keeps a man singing, performing, happy and humble after all of these years? The answer is passion. Passion will take you into territories that you never even dreamed of seeing. Passion is what keeps the momentum going even when you are tired and need a break. Passion is the fighter inside of you that forces you to never give up. Passion.

See once you truly believe in something, you will do everything in your power to make sure that it comes to pass. NOTHING CAN STOP ME, I’M ALL THE WAY UP! The things that you are passionate in comes easy. Doesn’t require much thought. It’s a natural reaction that lives inside of you.

Smokey Robinson along with many others have taught me to live outside of social norms. Social norms dictate how to live your life each day. If Smokey would have ignored his burning passion of singing and songwriting and got a regular 9-5 job, the whole history of American (And European) music would have been completely different. Can you imagine a world without Motown music?

Now we all can’t obviously quit our jobs and pursue our passions. That’s unrealistic. What we can do is not allow ourselves to get lost in our jobs. Don’t let it take over your life. Find outlets that allow you to…well… be you.

I have been reading a lot of autobiographies from singers. Most recently, I read “Keep The Faith” by Faith Evans. These singers all took risk but did not allow their surroundings to define them. They were able to hold on to the things that made them happy. For a person with personal tragedy like Faith Evans, her passions definitely were her saving grace.


What is your passion? What is your platform?


Music is my passion and SouloMind is my platform.

David “SouloMind” Ellis



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    Great letter!

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