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What Am I Vibing To? -David SouloMind

Music is playing every single day. Rather it is brand new releases, Top 40 Pop, Hip Hop and R&B, Rock or even oldies but goodies; music makes up the soundtracks of our lives.  I want to give you all a small taste of what my soundtrack sounds like. Here are two albums that I have been Vibing to lately and a couple critiques that I have for them.

Letoya Luckett- Back To Life


This album has been eight years in the making. After her 2009 album Lady Love, Letoya Luckett took a break from music and focused on her acting career. Now she is back with a 13 track project that is accompanied by a mini video series. It even hit #1 on the iTunes R&B Chart.

From the jump, I can tell you guys that my favorite track is actually the first one entitled, I’m Ready. She first released this song back in 2015 but it quickly vanished as she was not able to release an album at that time. I’m ready takes inspiration from the great Marvin Gaye and his song I Want You. Her falsetto is smooth and sensual and her message is clear.

The R&B album speaks of topics such as heartache and preparing oneself for future love. When listening to the album, I found that the song placements were a bit odd to me. The beginning of the album features different styles of music but sonically, they do not flow well together. For example, the first track is a smooth and sexy type vibe. Next we get into B2L which is a slow and dark emotional record. Show Me follows and it brings an upbeat 70s disco rollerblading energy. All very good songs, just not placed correctly on the track list.

All in all Back To Life is a pretty solid album. I have been really enjoying it. Great R&B music with great vocals. Letoya’s vocals have really grown and you can definitely notice the difference. It’s an easy listen that all generations can enjoy. I’ve heard some listeners say that the album sounds a tad dated. I can honestly understand where they are coming from. We have to remember that Letoya recorded many of these songs years ago.


Trey Songz – Tremaine The Album


What is special about this album is that it shows Trey Songz more vulnerable than we have ever seen him before. The songs are still sexy but this time we find Trey struggling to live up to his sex symbol image. He has realized that his “invented sex- Mr. Steal your girl” persona is actually hurting him from finding true love. I think this is a very smart move on his behalf. Commercially he can still “sell sex” but at the same time he is transitioning away from such subject matter.

#1Fan (Track 3) describes the theme of the album perfectly. The song speaks of Trey getting very intimate with one of his fans. However, Trey is extremely nervous for he is not sure if he can live up to his fan’s sexual expectations. His overly sexual persona has caught up with him and now he is in a bind.

Don’t get it twisted, Trey is not sexually insecure the entire album. Songs like 1×1, She Lovin it and The Sheets…Still, shows Trey in a more confident state of mind.

What’s my favorite song? Song Goes Off (Track 7) is my go to song. It’s that classic male R&B that finds the singer in his feelings and singing over a strong piano melody. In the song he runs into an ex at a club and strives to make up with her before the “song goes off”.  This song contains one of my favorite lyrics from the album.

“Who’s making love to you? Heard you were making Oohs” 🙂

Tremaine The Album may not be Trey’s best work. It’s not the worse but it’s not the best. In my opinion, all of the songs are not memorable and the album takes a couple of listens to in order to get into it.  I commend him on the theme of the album because it shows growth as an artist. The album does give you good soulful vibes that are perfect for your relaxing mood and of course, your baby making mood. I feel like we have not seen Trey totally let go yet as a singer. I want to see him sing material that will allow him to explore different elements of his voice and artistry.


So those were a couple albums that I have been listening to. Trust me, there are plenty more but we would be here all day. AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

What music is coming through your headphones? Let’s talk about it. The comment section is open!



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