New Music Ne-Yo Back With “Another Love Song”

As a music fan, I think that it is very important to remind the public of the accomplishments of our R&B and Hip Hop artist. In today’s day in age, we tend to measure an artist’s relevance based on what they are producing at the current time. We sometimes forget to honor the paths that such artist have trailed in the past.

Singer and songwriter Ne-Yo, is a multi-platinum and multi Grammy Award Winner who won over the hearts of many with his unique style of R&B in the 2000’s. Setting himself apart from other artist of the time, Ne-Yo released songs about heartache and brokenness (So Sick & Go On Girl). His music spoke about being in love with one woman and admiring every aspect about her character (When You’re Mad, Sexy Love & Miss Independent).

He penned heartfelt hit records for numerous of artist including Beyoncé (Irreplaceable) and Rihanna (Unfaithful, Russian Roulette, Take A Bow). With his songwriting, Ne-Yo is able to paint a strong picture of the message of the song. We have seen Ne-Yo crossover into the POP world, dominating the charts with songs like Let Me Love You and Give Me Everything.

Now after taking a two year break to focus on his family, Ne-Yo is back with brand new music and an upcoming album. Released on May 30, 2017, the single Another Love Song expresses the joy that the singer is feeling these days. The upbeat feel good record talks about being happily and joyously in love. Carried with good dance beats and an infectious guitar disco melody, the song has great energy. The type of song that would be played at the cookout.

As he is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest album, Ne-Yo stated in a recent Breakfast Club interview that the album will not be entirely a “happy” album, but an album that explores all emotions. He wanted to make sure the songs involved subjects that his fans could relate to.

Listen to Another Love Song now!



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