New TLC Album. What’s The Verdict?

“I’m T-Boz I got it like that. Left Eye’s cool she got it like that. Chilli’s fly she’s got it like that. TLC and that’s where it’s at”

That lyric isn’t taken from TLC’s new self titled album, but rather from the song “Quickie” from their 2002 album 3D. Just a little TLC fan trivia!

This time around the women of TLC make it clear that they “don’t need no introduction”. What has been labeled as the last album, T-Boz and Chilli released the 12 track project (The last track being an extended version of the single “Way Back”) on June 30th, 2017. The project was financed through a Kickstarter program. The program allowed fans and celebrities to donate money to the making of the project. In return, fans were able to hang out with the group by going to the movies and other activities.

So how does the album fair?

TLC are giving us many different genres of music as they have in the past. We hear Hip Hop, 1970’s Disco, and even soft rock. Topics range from finding your inner beauty to giving a big F you to your haters.

The album starts off a tad weak. The first track No Introduction is cool but it sounds dated and can come off a little corny. Things become brighter with the second track Way Back. The 1990’s West Coast inspired record that features Snoop Dogg. It’s Sunny samples Earth Wind and Fire’s September and is a fun upbeat record. You might not like it at first but it will definitely grow on you. Next up is Haters. This is where the album takes another downward spiral. The message is clear but the delivery falls short.

The best section of the album features the songs Pretty Girls, Start A fire and American Gold. These three songs show their strongest and most impressive work. All feature a strong guitar and soft rock/acoustic R&B vibes. Pretty Girls is the Unpretty of 2017. This is where you will find your empowerment record. Some may even name this the best song of the album. (TLC PLEASE MAKE THIS SONG INTO A SINGLE)

tlc 2017

TLC is known for their very sexy songs. This album gives you two songs that would fit in that category. Start A Fire is sweet and mellow but Scandalous gives us a closer taste of classic TLC.

Right now you’re problem asking, “what about Left Eye”?

Left Eye has an entire interlude to herself from what sounds like an old MTV interview. I’m sure that the girls would have loved to put Left Eye on more tracks, but the group has already used a great deal of unreleased left Eye verses in the past. Also, there seems to be an issue with Left Eye’s family granting TLC permission to use any more raps that may be out there.

The album has both hit and miss moments. It seems to be missing a more cohesive direction and sound. With that, it is still great to see TLC back making music and touring. Their new younger fan base will have them very busy this summer.

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