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Artist Spotlight: Furillostar

The determination and work ethic of this artist is unmatched. Proof that if you have a dream, you will keep grinding until your vision is met.

Furillostar is a Pop/R&B singer, dancer and super performer (He performs…okay!) from Flint Michigan. His catchy melodies and upbeat fun music will make you cut a two step…or even more! What makes Furillostar even more special are his live performances. He makes sure to give his audience a full and complete show with nonstop energy. He takes dancing to another level, giving you complex and visually stunning choreography and freestyles. Let’s just say that his shows are LIT!

furillo 3

Recently, Furillostar has dropped two singles CRAZY and SWAG ON, in preparation of his new upcoming EP.  You can listen to those singles and more music on all digital music outlets including Spotify and iTunes. Go check it out for yourself!

Follow Furillostar on Twitter @Furillostar


Check out his live performance below!

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