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LeToya Luckett Forgives in Latest Installment of Back 2 Life series.

Letoya Luckett if the world does not give you your flowers, I definitely will! Sometimes we over look quality work because it isn’t mainstream. Letoya Luckett may not be as popular in the music world as she once was, but she is putting out quality and creative work that would give some mainstream artist a run for their money. Letoya has not only released an album, but also an accompanied mini series as well!

Back with her third and maybe last installment of her series Back 2 Life,  The musical drama follows Letoya as she recently suffers from a break up with her boyfriend Omar. In Part 3, Letoya runs into Omar yet again but this time things really go left. Omar tries to extend an olive branch in his own way but still falls short as he downplays Letoya’s emotions. After a heated argument, the two are able to calm down and hear each other out. The rest of the “episode” picks up from there. Did I mention that there is a very cool 90’s party scene!

Three songs from Letoya’s album Back 2 Life are featured in Part 3, Grey, Disconnected and the main feature and single, In The Name. All three songs create the soundtrack for this perfect musical drama.

You can catch up on the Back 2 Life series on YouTube and make sure to stream the album on all digital music outlets.

Watch Part 3 below! Make sure to SPEAK YOUR MIND. Let me know what you think in the comment section!


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