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YP Brings Summer Madness With “Relax & Chill”

The summer may be coming to an end but it is not over yet! There is still time to work on that summer to do list. Rather it is vacationing or just relaxing in the sun, constructing the perfect playlist is vital for the summer turn up experience. Looking for a song to rap up your playlist? Look no further, for I have a song that has all the great vibes and feels for those exciting summer days.


Earlier this week, Rapper YP of Michigan released his new video, Relax And Chill . No, this is not a Netflix and Chill type of situation. The song speaks of enjoying the company of friends, family and loved ones on a hot summer day. A heavy sample of The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Summer Time (First recorded by Kool & The Gang in 1974 for their song Summer Madness) rides the foundation of the song as YP raps new and fresh melodies over it.

“Barbecue on the grill. Spade game it’s my turn to deal. Take you back to ’91 Jazzy Jeff and Will.”

The video takes place at a block party in a neighborhood that everyone has grown up in. There are children playing, people dancing and of course the grill is burning. It depicts  one of those days where everything is going right. No drama and no stress, everyone is on the same page and having fun.

“No Jealousy in the air, good vibes everywhere”

Relax And Chill is a small escape from YP’s more edgier and urban sound. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for his new project.

For now, check out the Relax and Chill video below! Don’t forget to share your MIND in the comment section!

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