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Terri Schuh – SouloMind Artist Spotlight

The first time I heard this young lady sing, I knew that I was in the presences of something outstandingly special. Terri Schuh is a singer, songwriter and musician whose talent blew me away. Terri was born into music royalty for her Grandfather William Guest was a member of the legendary group Gladys Knight & The Pips. Taking after her grandfather, she began singing at the young age of ten and began songwriting at eleven years old.

Terri’s fun and bubbly personality would make many believe that she would be a pop star princess. However, when she opens her mouth and sings, you are instantly overtaken by a lower toned soulful diva. Her voice sounds like the blues on a warm summer’s evening. It holds pain but a good pain that is easy to relate to. Some would compare her sound to an Anita Baker or Toni Braxton. She has the kind of power that can stop a room full of chatty people right in their tracks (Believe me, I have seen it).

terri schuh

I love when a singer can leave a lasting impression on their audience. The day after seeing her perform, my friends could not stop talking about her. That is a good thing! Terri Schuh was accepted into the Detroit Institute of Music Education in downtown Detroit Michigan. There, she has been excited to learn more about what she loves to do.

Even though it is early in her career, you should keep her on your radar. Check her out on and on Instagram @t.schuhmusic

2 comments on “Terri Schuh – SouloMind Artist Spotlight

  1. She had a beautiful voice. Can’t wait to hear more of her God-given gift . Keep it up Terri


  2. Jackie Mccollum

    She is very talented and will go far in the business.


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