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Why I hate SZA’s The Weekend Video!

I cannot think of the last time that I was truly disappointed in a music video. Of course there have been times where I was left wanting more or slightly let down. There have been times where I just accepted what the artist had given to me. However, this time I cannot find it in my spirit to accept or forgive.

The Weekend by SZA became an instant fan favorite. On one hand the song sparked threads of think pieces on Twitter and on the other hand it sexually liberated those women that could relate. The Grammy nominated song is sexy, flirty and well sexy! So after months and months of waiting, SZA finally “blessed” us with a visual. And from what I watched, I wouldn’t have mined if we had to wait a little bit more.

The music video is directed by Solange. Now many would think that this musical collaboration would be a dope concept. I happen to love both artist because of their passionate and fearless individuality. However, I immediately had my doubts. The abstract – artsy videos of Solange’s past like Don’t Touch My Hair  and Cranes in the Sky  work for her because they match her aura. Now taking that same outfit and trying to make it fit on a different person can cause some issues.

The Weekend video looks just like a Solange music video. As a matter a fact, some of the scenes were shot in the same locations. We see different scenes of SZA swaying, half dancing (Well she is doing a lot of technical dancing that is very good) and slightly lip syncing to the words. She looks just like…Solange!

The video does not match the song at all. This song does not require you to be “woke”. It doesn’t hold a political or socially conscious meaning. It is about sharing a boyfriend and having sex. There was no need for the video to look like a student independent film. Where are the sexy outfits? The sexy visuals? The sexy images? Guess we won’t be seeing any of those this weekend….see what I did there? I can say that SZA does in fact look absolutely beautiful in this video. Her melanin is hot!

SZA I’m such a fan. I love your album and I have been to your concerts. I’ve made two YouTube videos about you. But this right here will not due. Can we just throw the whole video away and start over?


4 comments on “Why I hate SZA’s The Weekend Video!

  1. I agree 100% I expected more and was disappointed

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  2. I just watched the video and I was left with one question: “What?” You are right. It does look like a student film. lol, like a freshman student film. Smh It doesn’t fit the vibe of the song whatsoever. Hopefully that was just a filler video until she does the REAL one. *fingers crossed*


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