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Chris Fields – The New Face of Gospel Theater

With extraordinary vision and talent, writer/producer Chris Fields is on the verge of taking the theater world to a higher level. With a background in music, directing and producing, Fields hopes to entertain, and uplift with his faith based inspirational stage plays. The Sacramento, California native has two plays under his belt; FAITH and his latest musical FAMILY BONDED which opened in the fall of 2017 and is still running. With his hard work and dedication, Fields shows no signs of slowing down as he is readying new productions to come!


Chris Fields is a strong believer in living to ones fullest potential. In 2013, Fields opened up his own production company Sea Fields Productions. There, he is able to help groom the talents of aspiring singers, actors and musicians. These artist are encouraged to challenge themselves so that they may flourish in their perspective fields.


With a Chris Fields production, you can expect an honest representation of the struggles and triumphs of real life. Fields makes it a definite that all of his characters are relatable. It is important for the audience to be able to see themselves being depicted live on stage. Not only does his productions feature outstanding singing, music and acting, the most important element are the heartwarming messages that one can take home. Fields specifically writes stories that the audience can learn from and utilize in their personal lives. When you attend a Chris Fields production, you will not leave the same way that you came in. You can anticipate a transformation in your heart and spirit.

Crossing all avenues of entertainment, Chris Fields has produced soundtracks to accompany his stage plays. This way you will be able to take those positive messages wherever you go. Music videos are currently in the works. His high standard of work ethic gives reasoning for the top quality of his productions.


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