Toni Braxton’s New Single – “Long As I Live”

Toni Living Legend Braxton (Tamar voice) has released the second single from her forthcoming album Sex and Cigarettes. Titled Long As I Live, Toni wears her emotions on her sleeves as she yearns for the affection of a lover who has moved on. This is not a “baby baby baby come back to me” type of record. Here, Toni is in the proccess of accepting the fact that her ex is dating someone else. While mentally preparing herself for a life without him, she draws the conclusion that she will never get over him.

I am feeling Long As I Live but I don’t love it. Not yet. Just like her previous single Deadwood, I was left anticipating more. It is a smooth R&B record that is perfect for a late night vibe with wine. I just think it is missing a special emotional element that would really take the song higher.

Even though I was expecting a little more, this is still a good record. Catching melody, great vocals and an awesome lead guitar that accompanies Toni’s vocals perfectly.



Was I the only one that started singing the chorus to KeKe Wyatt and Avant’s My First Love at first sight of the song title?

Listen to Toni Braxton’s Long As I Live below.

1 comment on “Toni Braxton’s New Single – “Long As I Live”

  1. Monica Johnson

    Who is the AWESOME lead guitarist?


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