Explore the CHROMATIC SPECTRUM with James Barmore

James Barmore’s new EP Chromatic Spectrum was recorded with the intent of catering to the listeners emotions in a spiritual way. More than just music, each track on the project gives a musical interpretation of a Chakra. What is a Chakra? I’m glad you asked.  In short, Chakras are points within the body in which various forms of energy flow. Released on January 26, 2018, the EP allows the listener to experience such sensations through soulful R&B melodies, meaningful lyrics and upbeat dance tracks. Creativity on the next level.

JamesI’ve said this before and I will say it again. I ALWAYS appreciate singers who actually SING and take the art seriously. James is giving you vocals and technique. He’s running from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. As a songwriter, his vulnerability really comes through in each word that he sings. These songs are personal and the audience is getting a front row seat into his thoughts.

His current single Nectar expresses the Sacral Chakra. Like the Chakra, the song is very sexy and sensual. James describes the feeling of desiring and connecting with someone for the fist time. The song’s lyric video dives even deeper into the meaning of sexuality. You can check the video out on YouTube to see what I mean.

Other songs on the EP like Not Your Cowardly Lion speaks of facing ones fears and becoming connected with inner strengths. This in all is a feel good album. It’s positive message is constructed in a way that is currently not seen in the industry.

Chromatic Spectrum is available on all digital music platforms.





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