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Press Release: Singer Ricardo Reyes Signs with XCX Artists

Guatemalan singer Ricardo Reyes has signed an exclusive deal with XCX Artists. Reyes’ management team made the announcement.

“Never in history has a Guatemalan artist made it to Hollywood, so a collaboration like this is quite unique. We are sure it will send an inspirational message to the youth of Guatemala that everything and anything is possible if you just follow your dreams and work hard”.


Ricardo Reyes, who previously recorded under the name Ricardo Leiva, has teamed up with world renowned music producer Geo Slam and is currently in the process of recording new music with an international sound. Based out of Los Angeles, Geo Slam is a Swedish multi-platinum selling producer and songwriter who has worked with top artist such as, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Jason Derulo and more.

Ricardo Reyes has already developed a loyal following and now after signing this new deal hopes to expand the following even further. This new collaboration will also potentially open doors and build bridges between Hollywood and Guatemala. New music is expected to be released in the near future.




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