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Detroit Rapper Cool African Releases New Single “Who R U”

With a unique suave mellow vibe, Detroit rapper Cool African lays down the laws of independent thinking and self-assurance in his latest track Who R U. With an appearance from Square Biz and production handled by BEWARE, the record feels like a perfect relaxing summer night with your favorite drink of choice by your side. Its fusion of Jazz and hip hop sets the tone of the song’s carefree message.

As the hook unapologetically states;

Who are you to say what I can do….Who the fuck are you”, you get the notion that Cool lives by his own terms.  Throughout the song you hear him basically saying that he does not warrant any outside opinions or ideas about how to navigate through life.



His easy going nature could be mistaken to some as arrogance, but his philosophy on life is very universal; keep it simple. He does not stress about things and when times get hard, he finds his own way to cope with the issues. He says it best in the beginning of the second verse.

“Life gets hard I know I’ll make it. Life goes on its so amazing. Life’s a test I know I’ll ace it”

His ambition comes from the hustling mindset of his city, Detroit. In a city where one has to overcome continuous obstacles, the inner fight becomes stronger and stronger with every battle.

“…talking Detroit city. We hold our own don’t need no pity”

Who R U can be streamed on all digital outlets now! Head to YouTube to watch the accompanied visual and other music videos by Cool African.



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