Singer Ryan Shamim Talks Social Issues in New Song

As the saying goes, we never really know what someone is dealing with internally.  Humans, have been conditioned to always showcase their best selves. We create these barriers and masks in order to be perceived as having it all together. Unfortunately, allowing our personal untreated emotions to build up can often lead to negative effects on our bodies and spirits. Today, the issues of mental health and substance abuse are being brought into the forefront. More and more celebrities and social influences are now sharing their stories of depression and triumph. Subjects that were once was taboo to speak on, have now become an open discussion. The message of, “I have been there too” is truly simple yet powerful. This message is now being shared in movies, television shows and music. Singer Ryan Shamim has taken his own personal struggles with depression and released it in music form.

The single A Broken Girl is a depiction of a woman, a mother and a wife who is dealing with her own personal demons all by herself. She has a pain that she cannot find the proper resources to take away. She feels like life would be better without her. She even feels like her family would be at peace if she was gone.

Within the context of the song, it seems like the woman turns to drugs, Heroin to be more specific, to help with the pain. However in hindsight, even the drugs cannot fill the empty void inside of her.

”She just wants someone to tell her that they love her. That she don’t have to suffer anymore”

Singer and songwriter, Ryan Shamim knows what it is like to feel lonely. Two years ago, there seemed to be a nonexistent light at the end of tunnel for him. Ryan was broken and had lost all hope for brighter days. All he had was the clothes on his back and sorrow. He had hit rock bottom but thankfully he sought help. Ryan began taking sessions at the Banyan Treatment Center. There he was able to speak to someone who could understand and help him with his needs. The sessions began to work for him in more ways than one as he was able to reconnect with his passion for music and songwriting.

Ryan’s voice on Girl is strong and clear but with a touch of remorse that he once felt. From the start, the guitar chords play a song of sadness yet has the listener eager to hear what is next. Once the beat kicks in, it is clear that you are riding on an emotional journey. The beat acts like a beating heart, making it impossible not to feel the rush of the story line.

The song’s references to the use of Heroin, a chemical epidemic that is effecting many people of all demographics. According to the Ohio Department of Health, in 2016 more than 3,400 deaths were caused by the over dosage of Heroin. That number has now doubled.  The long term effects of Heroin use is plentiful including, liver and kidney disease, lung complications, collapsed veins, over dose and many more. The addiction is powerfully strong and can take years to recover from. To include this topic in a song takes courage. A courage that is very much needed today. People have to know that they are not alone in their addiction. Ryan is allowing people who suffer from depression and substance abuse to have a voice.

With the great storytelling that Ryan performed on this song, it will be exciting to hear what else he has recorded. For now, you can listen to A Broken Girl on Sound Cloud. Make sure to share this song across social media so that listeners everywhere will be able to experience this great magic.

Sound Cloud link below.

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